Earning CPD Units

Guidelines on Earning CPD Units

  1. The Preconvention Symposia, Plenary Lectures and Sessions-on-Demand will be available for viewing until October 28, 2021. The Plenary Lecture of Dr. Edsel Maurice T. SalvaƱa can only be viewed from July 28, 2021 to August 1, 2021 due to the nature of his topic, which relies on the most recent scientific data.

  2. The certificates for the Preconvention Symposia with the corresponding PPS CPD units can be downloaded after each symposium and taking the post-test.

  3. The Certificate of Attendance for the Plenary Sessions with the corresponding PPS CPD units may be downloaded and printed AFTER accomplishing the Post-Activity Evaluation form available after each plenary session.

  4. The certificates for the Scientific Sessions-on-Demand with the corresponding PPS CPD units can be downloaded after each lecture and taking the post-test.

  5. Breakdown of PPS CPD unit credits are as follows:

    Preconvention Symposia
    4 PPS CPD Units for Session 1
    6 PPS CPD Units for Session 2
    3 PPS CPD Units for Session 3

    Plenary Session: 6 PPS CPD Units Per Session

    Scientific Sessions-on-Demand: 0.5 PPS CPD Unit Per Session

    Wellness Session: NO CPD points

  6. NEW ADVISORY: In order to earn the full 38 PRC CPD points, the delegate has only to earn the 60 PPS CPD UNITS required by PPS. One is NO LONGER REQUIRED to attend all the sessions. The PRC certificate will be made available after 3 months.

  7. The PPS CPD units are also given based on the number of sessions you attended. The certificate with the PPS CPD units can be downloaded right after viewing the session and answering the post test. A member has to garner a minimum of 60 PPS CPD units from the Annual Convention PLUS 25 PPS CPD units outside of the convention in order to remain in good standing.

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