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LIFE IS COMPLICATED provides pearls for ease of recognition, diagnosis and therapy of difficult cases
A. Recognition of Autoinflammatory Diseases for the General Pediatrician Lea G. Galia, MD
B. Different Shades of White: Hypopigmented Lesions in Children Marie Eleanor O. Nicolas, MD
C. Local Challenges in the Long-Term Management of Asthma Jerome V. Senen, MD
D. Improving Neurodevelopmental Outcomes for Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants Jose B. Salazar, MD
E. Sexual Abuse: Plan of Action in Pediatric Primary Care Bernadette J. Madrid, MD
F. Precision Medicine in Pediatrics Eva Maria C. Cutiongco-Dela Paz, MD
G. Optimizing Extrauterine Transition Elmer S. David, MD
H. Intestinal Microbiota, Enteropathy and Growth Stunting in Children Joel D. Lim, MD
I. The Picky Eater and Malnutrition in the Under 5 Almida A. Reodica, MD (Gastroenterology)
Ermenilda L. Avendaño, MD (Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics)
SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO will present novelties in diagnostics and therapeutics of selected childhood diseases
A. Trends in Monitoring Control of Diabetes: Old versus New Susana P. Padilla-Campos, MD
B. Ketogenic Diet (KD): Pros and Cons in Children Ma. Eloisa E. Villaraza, RND, MSCN
C. Updates in Pediatric Advanced Life Support Alvin C. Florentino, MD
D. Plasmapheresis in Pediatrics Maria Beatriz P. Gepte, MD
E. Care of Patients with Hemoglobinopathies Reynaldo C. De Castro, Jr., MD
F. Hemoperfusion in Children Rachelle C. Dela Cruz, MD
G. Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Health, Aging and Disease Ma. Karen S. Mondoñedo, MD
H. Repurposing “Old” Antibiotics for Multiple Drug Resistant Organisms Cecilia Nelia C. Maramba-Lazarte, MD
I. Role of Vitamin D in Gut Health and Disease in Children Hazel V. Arnaldo, MD
J. Conquering Vaccine Hesitancy Fatima I. Gimenez, MD
K. The Science of Allergen Immunotherapy: An Old, Current and Novel Strategy Aileen A. Elorde, MD
L. Language Stimulation: Is it necessary? Julienne Therese N. Raposas, CSP-PASP
LIFE GOES ON will focus on providing relief from symptoms and stress of the illness and will help healthcare workers on how they will improve the quality of life of a child or an adolescent
A. PICU Up Sapna R. Kudchadkar, MD, PhD
B. Issues on Pediatric Palliative Care Barbara Amity N. Flores, MD
C. Keeping your Health Pristine: 2021 Vaccine Recommendations Charissa Fay Corazon B. Tabora, MD
D. Living with Epilepsy in the New Normal Mel Michel G. Villaluz, MD
E. Breaking the Bad News Patrick Gerard L. Moral, MD
F. Keeping Type I DM in Control: Non-pharmacologic Therapy Josephine Leiya Marie F. Salud-Masanga, MD
ADAPTABILITY directs healthcare workers to acquire knowledge to conform to the changes brought about by distress or pandemic
A. Pediatric Screen Time Patrick A. Santiago, MD
B. Infection Prevention and Control in the School Setting Edna P. Sunga-Mallorca, MD
C. Recurrent Abdominal Pain: The Pediatrician’s Chronic Headache Karen Sophia C. Mercado, MD
D. Current Issues in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris in the Adolescents Maria Lourdes H. Palmero, MD
E. Current Recommendations in Infection Control in Pediatric Outpatient Clinics Josephine Anne N. Ng, MD
F. Play Therapy and its Impact on Infant and Toddlers’ Mental Health Joy P. Malinit, MD
G. Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents Grace A. Macapagal, MD
H. What Now? "Helping Adolescents Adapt to the New Reality" Erlinda Susana S. Cuisia-Cruz, MD
I. Is Online Learning an Effective Learning Alternative? Lou Sabrina S. Ongkiko, MAED
BETTER SUIT UP equips the pediatrician with clues to early recognition and prompt diagnosis leading to early management
A. Clinical Approach to Autoimmune Encephalitis Marilyn H. Ortiz, MD
B. Early Recognition of Hearing Impairment in Children Maria Rina T. Reyes-Quintos, MD
C. Movement Disorders in Children Madelyn P. Pascual, MD
D. Approach to Acute Flaccid Paralysis Aida M. Salonga, MD
E. TORCH Infections: The Saga Continues Mary Antonette C. Madrid, MD
F. Oncologic Emergencies: What You Need To Know Julius A. Lecciones, MD
G. Dermatologic Clues of Rheumatologic Disease Leonila F. Dans, MD
H. Squint Across All Pediatric Ages Norman Eric F. Fajardo, MD
I. Drug-Induced Liver Injury Josie Grace C. Castillo, MD
J. Dyslexia: Early Identification and Management Jacqueline O. Navarro, MD
K. Acute and Chronic Symptoms of Covid-19 Infection Jaime A. Santos, MD
FOCUS will emphasize the latest guidelines and algorithms on selected conditions
A. International Guidelines for the Management of Septic Shock and Sepsis Associated Organ Dysfunction in Children Herbert Michael G. Uy, MD
B. Neonatal Resuscitation Program Philippines (NRP Ph+) Adaptations Christopher J. Grageda, MD
C. Atopic March: What's New? Olivia G. De Jesus, MD
D. Diagnosis and Management of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Adolescents Lilia P. Luna, MD
E. ROP: Philippine Guidelines for Screening and Referral Alma M. Dela Merced, MD (Neonatology)
Rachel G. Anzures, MD (Ophthalmology)
F. Early Retinoblastoma Screening: Key to Saving Vision and Life Amy Goleta-Dy, MD
G. Foreign Body Ingestion Guidelines Jennifer A. Olay, MD
H. Clinical Practice Guidelines on Leptospirosis in Children Maria Anna P. Bañez, MD
I. Prevention and Management of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in High Risk Infants Joseph Aldrich S. Gaspar, MD
J. Pediatric Emergency Severity Index Triage Algorithm Ma. Victoria C. Ribaya, MD
K. Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) Guidelines Grace R. Battad, MD
CASES ON THE RUN will discuss the multidisciplinary approach concerning situation or illness involving a child or an adolescent
A. The Spine that’s Not Fine: Early Recognition and Management of Scoliosis Maria Cecilia C. Galang, MD (Pulmonology)
Editha C. Dizon, MD (Rehabilitation Medicine)
Raphael C. Bundoc, MD (Orthopedic Surgery)
B. Early Recognition and Management of Hypertension in Children and Adolescents Marc Andrew O. Perez, MD (Nephrology)
Juliet J. Balderas, MD (Cardiology)
C. Genitourinary Emergencies: Diagnosis and Treatment Nikko J. Magsanoc, MD (Urology)
Ma. Socorro C. Bernardino, MD (Pediatric Gynecology)
ON THE CROSSROADS will shed light on controversial issues regarding diagnostic and management options
A. Management of Oral and Maxillofacial Defects Bernard U. Tansipek, MD (Reconstructive Surgery)
Cristina M. Laureta, DMD (Pediatric Dentistry)
B. Diagnostic and Management Dilemmas in Adolescent Pulmonary Tuberculosis Yadnee V. Estrera, MD
C. Mimics of Pneumonia: Recognition Strategies Alfredo L. Bongo, Jr., MD
D. Stem Cell Transplantation: Prospects and Challenges Loralyn Mae O. Lagaya-Arañas, MD
E. Lymphadenopathy: Why Worry? Joseph Vincent A. Alba, MD
F. Hypertrophic Tonsils and Adenoids Jonalyn Chris T. Ang, MD (Neurology and Sleep Medicine)
Cecilia Gretchen N. Locsin, MD (Pediatric ENT)
G. Clinical Approach to Proteinuria Joselito C. Matheus, MD
H. Caffeine Addiction: A Growing Problem Nerissa M. Dando, MD
I. Triple “H”: Hernias, Hydrocoele and Hypospadias Carlo C. Bisnar, MD

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